13th International Conference on Inorganic Membranes, ICIM. Brisbane- Australia, 6-9 July 2014 

Organised every other year, the International Conference on Inorganic Membranes (ICIM) is the premier venue for reporting and discussing the latest developments in the field of inorganic membranes. The proposed programme of the 13th edition (ICIM2014) will build upon the undeniable success of previous ICIM conferences, covering the broad range of fields that have come to be represented. However, ICIM2014 will be particularly focused on the most urgent and pressing needs facing society in the early 21st century, namely “Water, Food, Health, Energy and the Environment” and the background membrane research pointing to the way forward.

Abstract submission deadline 14 February 2014


►Summer School on Membranes for Gas Separation. 3-6 October 2013. Sarteano (Tuscany, Italy).

KT and Processi Innovativi, in collaboration with the European Research Institute of Catalysis, ERIC, has organized the Summer School Engineering of membrane reactors for the process industry. The school has been held on October 3-6, 2013, in Sarteano (Siena, Tuscany), in the framework of two European Projects Innovative Catalytic Technologies & Materials for Next Gas to Liquid Processes (NEXT-GTL) and Compact Multifuel-Energy to Hydrogen converter (CoMETHy). The aim of the Summer School was to focus on (i) the different types of membranes that could be employed in membrane reactors depending on the specific application and (ii) the different applications that could be considered such as syngas production, hydrocarbon dehydrogenation, water gas shift. One day has been dedicated to a site tour to KT membrane reforming plant located in Chieti (about 300 Km from Sarteano), which represents one of the two examples in the world of membrane assisted reformer for hydrogen production on pilot scale.

Some of the lecturers are also representatives of partners working in the framework of Carena Project (Prof. Moshe Sheintuch from Technion, Prof. Vincenzo Palma from the University of Salerno, Mrs. Yvonne van Delft from ECN, prof. Jurgen Caro from University of Hannover). Leaflet


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►11th International Conference on Catalysis in Membrane Reactors ICCMR11. 7- 11 July 2013. Porto, Portugal.

The ICCMR conference series provide events with a strong interdisciplinary character: the combination of membranes, catalysis and reaction engineering, in the perspective of process intensification. All these subjects are widely covered in different specific scientific meetings, but the ICCMR conferences are the only ones covering them as an overlapping interdisciplinary field. The event aims at bringing together scientists from academic research, applied research and industry, working in membrane, catalysis and process engineering fields, with common or complementary R&D interests. It intends to stimulate contacts, to highlight recent developments and to create an interdisciplinary forum for discussion, so that to allow the germination of new ideas and concepts. Especially young researchers are encouraged to participate and to interact closely with senior scientists.

A special session devoted to the presentation of EU projects in progress on the topic: “Catalytic membrane reactors”. Exchanges of view and discussion between the participants in projects focused on chemical and biological catalysis. Both Demcamer & CARENA  projects were presented by Fausto Gallucci & Arend de Groot.

The EMH, CNRS-IRCELyon, the University of Salerno and KT were present at this congress.

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