Industry partners

A strong consortium!



CARENA’s challenging objectives will be reached thanks to a strong multidisciplinary consortium of 19 partners with high-level expertise from all over Europe. First-class research groups with know-how in catalysis and membrane technology are working hand in hand with innovative industrial companies whose expertise covers end-use, process development and manufacturing.


No less than 6 universities, 4 RTD institutes, 2 innovative SMEs, 6 companies and 1 European network have been brought together to deliver CARENA’s expected output. 


Have a look at the SMEs and companies involved in the project:


Arkema France






Arkema is a French producer of chemicals headquartered near Paris, France. It was created in October 2004 from the reorganization of Total Chemicals branch. Its three business segments, Vinyl Products, Industrial Chemicals and Performance Products, combine coherent and integrated industrial activities, most of which boasting either world or European leading rankings, with internationally recognized brands and products.

Present in over 40 countries with 15,000 employees, the Arkema Group has 7 research centers worldwide, operates 80 production plants in Europe, North America and Asia, and sales subsidiaries in every regions of the world. Arkema has an acrylic acid production capacity of 250 000 tons in Europe.  









AkzoNobel is the largest global paints and coatings company and a leading producer of specialty chemicals.


Branch participating in CARENA:

Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals is Europe's largest producer of vacuum salt, merchant chlorine and caustic lye. State‐of‐the‐art membrane electrolysis plants are used in Rotterdam, Delfzijl, Bitterfeld and Skoghal and supply customers with chlorine mainly by pipeline. The Rotterdam plant has an annual production of 620,000 tonnes of chlorine, which makes it the largest single membrane plant in Europe and the biggest single merchant chlorine unit in Europe.


Johnson Matthey PLC





Johnson Matthey is a speciality chemicals company with core skills in catalysts, precious metals, fine chemicals and Process Technology. The company’s main activities are the manufacture of autocatalysts, heavy duty diesel catalysts and pollution control systems, catalysts and components for fuel cells, catalysts and technologies for chemical processes, fine chemicals, chemical catalysts and active pharmaceutical ingredients and the marketing, refining, and fabrication of precious metals.


Branch participating in CARENA:

Johnson Matthey’s corporate research laboratory, JMTC, is based in Sonning Common, Oxfordshire, UK. JMTC is equipped with world-class research and analytical facilities and has a diverse project portfolio looking at autocatalysts, liquid and gas phase catalysts for chemical transformations, fuel cells, materials, hydrogen, modelling and engineering.


Saint Gobain




Saint Gobain designs, processes and distributes materials - glass, ceramics, plastics, cast iron, etc.

Saint Gobain operates in 64 countries worldwide, s one of the world's hundred leading industrial corporations and is world leader in each of its competencies.


Branch participating in CARENA:

It is the European Research Center of Cavaillon, France, StGobain CREE, which will be involved in the project. Saint Gobain CREE is part of the Innovative Materials Sector of the Saint Gobain group. Its R&D activity is focused on the development of advanced ceramic products.  


Acktar Ltd.

World leader in black coatings, Acktar is based in Kiryat Gat, Israel, with subsidiaries in Germany and Japan.
Acktar is a world leader in the development, industrialization and production of black light absorbing coatings, based on vacuum deposition technologies yielding extremely high specific surface areas with closely controlled morphology. Acktar's coatings can be deposited on virtually any substrate material and reach absorbance of above 99% in UV, VIS and IR spectrum. The coatings are used for a variety of applications: capacitors, solar thermal absorbers, optical equipment, IR sensors/ systems and aerospace systems.


Tecnimont KT SPA





Plants for chemical, petrochemical and refining industries.

Tecnimont (TKT)  is an international process engineering company, located in Rome, Italy, with over 35 years' experience in designing and implementing plants for the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries. The development and continual updating of in-house technologies, and a nucleus of process specialists with consolidated international experience acquired in over 500 projects, make of Tecnimont KT a technological world leader.

The company's core competences include:
• gas processing, both at well-head and in refinery, with special technologies for the sulphur recovery cycle
• hydrogen and syngas production
• refining, petrochemical and chemical units
• high temperature technologies (process furnaces, chemical reactors and incinerators)
• environmental engineering
• infrastructures
• plant operation and maintenance
• development of new technologies for using hydrogen as an energy vector.  


Linde AG






The Linde Group is a world leading industrial gas and engineering company with more than 51 000 employees working in about 70 countries. Linde Group’s headquarters are in Munich, Germany.


Linde’s division participating in CARENA:

Linde Engineering, an engineering company for steam cracker. Linde Engineering focuses on promising market segments such as hydrogen and synthesis gas, air separation, olefin plants and natural gas processing plants. The company has extensive process engineering know‐how in planning, project development and construction of turnkey industrial plants.


Process Design Center BV






Conceptual process methods

Process Design Center (PDC) is the world leading technology provider in structured conceptual design methodologies. PDC is an SME working as independent consultant for clients from all areas of the chemical and process industry worldwide. PDC's 15 skilled full‐time employees (chemists, chemical engineers and process engineers), are located in offices in Germany, The Netherlands and the USA.

PDC’s Process Synthesis is a structured method allowing systematic development of the most economical process flowsheets. With its proprietary Process Synthesis tools and services, PDC has significantly enhanced its customers’ process development capabilities. Cost savings of 20 to 50% have been reached while simultaneously reducing the development time by a factor of two. PDC will use their knowledge and tools in process synthesis, process integration and process intensification to generate the most suitable complete process for each of the different membrane reactor applications under investigation.


Summing it up!

The added value of European approach: scientific excellence combined with first-class industrial know-how.
Akzo and Arkema as EU leaders in fuels and chemicals bring a strong industrial leadership to the project. Technology providers covering various fields play a key role in the project: JM, Saint Gobain with recognised expertise in catalysis and ceramic manufacturing; TKT and Linde providing processes for the chemical industry; PDC and Acktar, leading SMEs in process design and process engineering, piloting facilities and innovative manufacturing technology. The academic partners (Leibniz University, UTwente, Technion, Salerno) and research organisations (CNRS-IRCELYON, SINTEF, ECN, CEA, CNRS-IEM, Diamond) bring cutting edge research to the project and together with EMH will provide strong links to existing EU networks.

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